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VIDEO: Sept 4, 2023 Stronger Together w/ Leighton Grey & Kenneth Drysdale

Alberta lawyer and host of the Grey Matter podcast, Leighton Grey, joins Jason to delve deep into the ramifications of the Ingram case—a landmark ruling invalidating lockdowns. As Alberta grapples with the complexities of mandates and governmental decisions, Grey sheds light on how this judicial verdict could influence the province's path to freedom and the implications for those previously penalized for opposing mandates.

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Anchoring the discussion is the ethos of the Alberta Prosperity Project, an initiative committed to championing all Albertans' prosperity and individual freedoms. With a vision to establish Alberta as a beacon of freedom and economic success, underpinned by a Constitution that respects the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law, the project envisions a future where Alberta is globally recognized for its low taxes, high GDP per capita, and superior healthcare and education systems. Furthermore, it aspires for inclusive growth, ensuring no Albertan is left behind while safeguarding property rights, amplifying worker's rights, and boosting the resource sector.

Also joining us is Kenneth Drysdale, who is helping to spearhead the Manitoba Stronger Together initiative, an empowering movement that seeks to bring political influence back to the grassroots level.

The core of this endeavour is the unification of a significant voting bloc, determined to steer governmental decisions in a direction that truly reflects the collective wishes of the community. By prioritizing the voices of the citizenry over corporate interests, political affiliations, or international entities, Manitoba Stronger Together champions policies that resonate with the genuine needs and aspirations of the people.

Their modus operandi revolves around advocacy and significant impact. By harnessing the community's collective strength, Kenneth and his team work tirelessly to bring about transformative change across local, provincial, and national governance platforms.

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