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The Mighty Bison Returns

You Asked, We Answered:


The Bison: A Symbol of Resilience and Unity for Manitoba Stronger Together

When it comes to choosing a symbol for Manitoba Stronger Together, the bison stands tall as a captivating and powerful choice.


Not only is this magnificent creature handsome and awe-inspiring, but its very survival and flourishing carry a profound story that began in a humble hamlet called Stony Mountain in the late 1800s. Today, we reveal the captivating tale behind our chosen emblem, a story that echoes the values and spirit of our organization.

The bison embodies the very essence of Manitoba Stronger Together. Its story of survival from the humble hamlet of Stony Mountain serves as a reminder that unity and collective action can overcome adversity and lead to remarkable achievements. As we embark on our journey to create positive change in Manitoba and beyond, we carry the spirit of the bison with us - a symbol of resilience, unity, and a brighter future, united as one under Manitoba Stronger Together.


A Story of Survival:


In the late 1800s, the bison herds in North America were on the brink of extinction. As these majestic creatures faced a perilous future, a glimmer of hope emerged from an unexpected source - a small hamlet called Stony Mountain, nestled in the heart of Manitoba.

The Role of Stony Mountain, Manitoba:


Unbeknownst to many, Stony Mountain played a significant role in preserving the bison population. In a commendable effort, stocks of bison from this tiny community were used to reseed the populations of bison across North America. This act of resilience and compassion breathed new life into the bison herds, helping them recover and flourish once again.


A Parallel to Manitoba Stronger Together:


The tale of the bison's resurgence closely mirrors the mission of Manitoba Stronger Together. Just as the bison's survival was dependent on the unity and collaboration of diverse communities, our organization is driven by the belief that unity and strength emerge when individuals come together with a shared purpose.


The Resilience of Manitoba Stronger Together:


At Manitoba Stronger Together, we draw inspiration from the bison's resilience and determination. Like the bison, our organization seeks to overcome challenges and navigate obstacles, ultimately flourishing through the combined efforts of passionate individuals.


The Unity of Our Cause:


The bison's journey from the brink of extinction to thriving herds symbolizes the power of unity, compassion, and collective action. This resonates deeply with our vision for Manitoba Stronger Together. Our aim is to create an inclusive and empowered community, where diverse voices converge, ideas flourish, and positive change is achieved through unity.


A Call to Unite:

As we proudly adopt the bison as our symbol, we call upon all individuals who share our vision for a stronger and more united Manitoba. Together, let us emulate the resilience and fortitude of the bison as we build a community that fosters compassion, understanding, and cooperation.

Reviving Responsible Government and Freedom: Spreading Our Vision Across Canada

Just like the bison herds of the past, a small group of passionate individuals is diligently working towards a transformative goal - to restore responsible government and freedom to Manitoba. We, at Manitoba Stronger Together, understand that just as the bison's survival depended on a dedicated few, so too does the rekindling of democratic values and a united vision for our province.

Seeding the Roots of Change:


Drawing inspiration from the bison's journey, we have set our sights on a broader mission. Our aim is not limited to the borders of Manitoba alone; we envision a future where the rights and freedoms of citizens across Canada are reseeded and rejuvenated. Our commitment to responsible governance and active civic participation extends far beyond our provincial borders.


A Nationwide Movement:


With unwavering determination, we are diligently developing an optimal strategy to initiate positive change in Manitoba. However, we do not intend to stop there. Once we have harnessed the collective strength of our community, we plan to extend our influence across the nation. Like the bison from Stony Mountain, we seek to spread the seeds of democratic empowerment, hope, and unity to every corner of our beloved country.


Looking Ahead:

We want to assure all Canadians that Manitoba Stronger Together has not forgotten them. As we gain momentum and galvanize support within our province, we will keep a keen eye on the broader Canadian landscape. Our dream is to revive the political landscape of Canada, to create a thriving ecosystem where the voices of every citizen are heard and respected, where unity triumphs over division, and where responsible governance flourishes.


Join Our Herd:

Just as the bison once symbolized the unyielding spirit of the North American landscape, Manitoba Stronger Together embodies the unyielding spirit of a united community working towards a brighter future. We invite every Canadian to join our herd, to be part of this nationwide movement for positive change. Together, we can reseed the values of democracy, compassion, and collective action across Canada, leaving an indelible mark on our nation's history.



The bison's incredible journey from near extinction to thriving herds serves as a potent reminder of the power of unity and determination. Similarly, Manitoba Stronger Together is fueled by the vision of responsible government and freedom for all Manitobans and, eventually, all Canadians. As we forge ahead, we are committed to spreading the seeds of change, just as the bison once reseeded the continent with hope and life. Our mission is to revive the political landscape of Canada, ushering in an era of unity, empowerment, and prosperity. Together, let us embrace the spirit of the bison and build a stronger and more united Canada, where the voices of all citizens resonate and flourish, just like the bison across North America.


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