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Live Events


Live Events:

Welcome to the Manitoba Stronger Together Live Events page, where we believe in the power of genuine human connection and meaningful conversations.


In an increasingly digital world, there's something irreplaceable about coming together as a community, face to face, to discuss the issues that matter most. Our live events are more than just gatherings; they're opportunities for you to engage, learn, and share your voice in a supportive environment.

We understand that while online platforms offer convenience, there's a certain magic that happens when people gather in the same physical space. It's a chance to truly connect, to read facial expressions, hear the nuances in voices, and feel the energy of a room united by a common purpose.


Our live events provide a space for like-minded Manitobans to network, exchange ideas, and build relationships that can fuel positive change within our province.


Whether it's a thought-provoking panel discussion, an interactive workshop, or an inspiring guest speaker, our live events offer a unique opportunity to dive deeper into the topics that matter most to us as Manitobans.


So, join us in breaking away from the screen and experiencing the power of real-time interaction. Check out our upcoming events and become a part of a vibrant community that believes in the strength of unity and face-to-face engagement.

Upcoming Live Events

Awakening Democracy Tour


  • Meet & Greet

  • Oh Canada! Rosalie Drysdale

  • Welcome Message: Rosalie Drysdale

  • Speaker #1: Ken Drysdale "DO YOU REMEMBER, THE SHELL GAME AND WHY NOT"

  • Speaker #2: Chris Riddell: "WHAT IS MST All ABOUT"

  • Speaker #3: Marianne Klowak: "HOW CBC FAILED THE PUBLIC"

  • Wrap Up and Social time: Rosalie Drysdale


Date:  Saturday, February 17, 2024

Time:  2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Location:   Brokenhead River Community Hall

Beausejour Room

320 Veterans Lane

Beausejour, Manitoba R0C 0V0

Map: Click Here for Map


Date:  Saturday February 24, 2024

Time:  2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Location:   Royal Canadian Legion

3 Main St, Ashern, MB R0C 0E0, Canada

Map: Click Here for Map

You May Download the Posters and Postcards to Print Them and Share!

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You May Download the Posters and Postcards to Print Them and Share!

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Bring MST to Your Town!

We've been on an incredible journey with our Awakening Democracy Tour, visiting towns and cities across Manitoba, and the response has been overwhelming.


Now, we want to met you, in your community!

If you'd like to see us bring the Awakening Democracy Tour to your town, we encourage you to get in touch.


Your voice matters, and we're eager to work with communities all across Manitoba to make a difference together.

Please send your requests and suggestions to

We welcome your interest and participation and look forward to joining forces to promote democracy and positive change in your town.


Thank you for your continued support of Manitoba Stronger Together.


Together, we can make our province stronger and more united.

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