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Unveiling the Truth: Inside the National Citizens Inquiry with Ken Drysdale

In this episode of Stand on Guard, host David Krayden interviews Ken Drysdale, the commissioner of the National Citizens Inquiry that examined the reaction of government to the COVID-19. The inquiry interviewed thousands of people, amassed volumes of evidence and determined how all levels of government overreached during the pandemic and how the Charter of Rights and Freedoms failed to guarantee basic liberties for Canadians.

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Unveiling the Truth: Inside the National Citizens Inquiry with Ken Drysdale

Description: In this captivating episode of Stand on Guard, our host, David Krayden, dives deep into the heart of the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) alongside the esteemed Commissioner, Ken Drysdale. Together, they unravel the layers of a groundbreaking investigation that laid bare the Canadian government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The National Citizens Inquiry: A Beacon of Truth

The National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) is more than just an investigative body; it's a beacon of truth and accountability. Established to scrutinize the government's actions during the COVID-19 pandemic, the NCI embarked on a journey that would ultimately redefine the very essence of Canadian democracy.

Meet the Commissioner: Ken Drysdale

Ken Drysdale, the Commissioner of the NCI, is no stranger to the pursuit of justice. His unwavering dedication to unveiling the facts and upholding the principles of transparency and accountability has earned him the respect and admiration of many.

A Deep Dive into the Pandemic Response

During the episode, David Krayden and Ken Drysdale explore the NCI's extensive work, which included interviewing thousands of individuals and accumulating vast volumes of evidence. Together, they shed light on how all levels of government might have overstepped their boundaries during the pandemic. Most importantly, they discuss how the cherished Charter of Rights and Freedoms seemingly faltered in safeguarding the fundamental liberties of Canadians.

Tune in to Stand on Guard for an enlightening conversation that delves into the heart of a historical inquiry, revealing the challenges faced, the truths uncovered, and the ongoing quest for accountability and justice. Don't miss this opportunity to gain insight into one of the most significant events in Canadian history, as witnessed by the National Citizens Inquiry and its dedicated Commissioner, Ken Drysdale.

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Ken Drysdale, when are you going to tell Canadians that it is time for a government free Canada? We do not need governments! We would get rid of a crime cartel an organization that is worse than the mafia. Our governments are part of the people who want to get rid of the majority of the population. Hitler wanted to get rid of the Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, Blacks, and now they want the same but even worse now they want to get rid of billions. We cannot work with governments or be any part of them. We must get rid of them before they get rid of us. It is that simple. We believe in the non-aggression principle and we…

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