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A Fantastic Event, Thank You

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

We are thrilled to share the exciting highlights from the first in-person meeting of Manitoba Stronger Together! The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose as approximately 200 people gathered at the picnic pavilion in St. Vital Park, Winnipeg, on Monday night at 7:00 pm. The meeting marked a significant milestone in our journey to create a united and empowered community in Manitoba.

The evening began with a compelling presentation by Ken Drysdale, who outlined the latest developments within the organization. Among the key new developments are a refocus on our core objectives: the formation of a voting bloc and the provision of essential information to our members, empowering them to become informed voters.

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Click the image above to watch the interview with WAM on Facebook.

As founding members of CATCS, Chris Riddell and Ken Drysdale have had conversations with CATCS National addressing the immediate needs of building a strong, cohesive Manitoba network of voters, as quickly as possible, due to the upcoming Manitoba Provincial Election this year.

This effort includes rebranding the organization from to:, offering a fresh and dedicated platform for our members.


During the meeting, Ken Drysdale shared an inspiring vision for Manitoba Stronger Together - establishing a strong foundation right here in Manitoba and then expanding our influence across Canada. To illustrate this strategy, he recounted a powerful story from history. Just as bison herds faced extinction in North America, stocks of bison from Manitoba were used to reseed populations throughout the continent, ultimately leading to the restoration and growth of these majestic creatures.

Similarly, Manitoba Stronger Together aims to serve as a driving force, planting the seeds of change and unity in our province first. By cultivating a vibrant and empowered community of engaged citizens in Manitoba, we envision this collective strength rippling outward, like the bison across North America. Our success in Manitoba will serve as a beacon of hope, inspiring the formation of similar grassroots movements in other provinces, leading to a united front for positive change and a brighter future for all Canadians. Just as the bison helped restore balance and diversity to the North American landscape, we believe that Manitoba Stronger Together can be the catalyst for positive transformation across our entire nation.


Ken Drysdale extended a warm invitation to all members to attend the weekly 60-minute long Zoom meetings held every Tuesday at 6:30 pm. These meetings serve as a crucial forum for members to discuss news, hear from guest speakers, and address important topics affecting our community.

Members were also encouraged to volunteer their time and talents to assist the organization's growth. Any member interested in contributing their expertise was invited to email Ken Drysdale at to discuss potential opportunities.

During the evening, we had the pleasure of introducing Chris Riddell and Barbara Bendera, who are currently providing exemplary leadership to the organization, ensuring its continued progress and success.


A special highlight of the event was a brief presentation by Mr. Patrick Allard, a local candidate running in the upcoming provincial election. Mr. Allard is running in his home riding of "St. Johns". He spoke about his long history of service to his community and how he plans to improve the lives of his constituents. His presence reaffirmed the significance of our organization's advocacy and the impact it has on the political landscape in Manitoba.

A map of the St. Johns Riding is given below:

If you want to check out all Manitoba Provincial Electoral Maps, please click the following link:


Manitoba Stronger Together, is a non-partisan organization, we do NOT endorse any candidates, but we do provide a forum for candidates and elected officials to directly meet with our members and have meaningful two way discussions. We extend this invitation to any and all candidates.

The formal part of the evening concluded around 7:45 pm, but the camaraderie and connection among the membership continued as attendees engaged in meet-and-greet sessions, forging new friendships, and strengthening existing ones.

The meeting was an absolutely awe-inspiring experience, witnessing the genuine coming together of individuals, fostering social interactions, and forming meaningful person-to-person connections. The sense of camaraderie and community building was truly remarkable, and it filled our hearts with joy and gratitude. After three long years, this much-needed in-person gathering has rekindled a sense of togetherness and belonging that we deeply missed.

The positive energy resonated throughout the park as people passionately discussed the organization's vision and goals.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended the meeting, contributing to its success and making it a truly memorable event.

If you have not yet signed up, we invite you to visit our website and join Manitoba Stronger Together.

Membership is entirely free, and we do not ask for donations or sell any products. Our grassroots organization thrives on the participation and dedication of its members.

Together, we are reshaping the political landscape of Manitoba, empowering citizens, and making democracy more meaningful and inclusive for all. Join us, and together, we are building a stronger and united future for our beloved province.

Stay tuned for more updates, events, and opportunities to get involved! Together, we are Manitoba Stronger Together.

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