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Calling for Volunteer Action: Become MST's Election Monitor!

Dear Manitoba Stronger Together (MST) Members, As MST continues to grow, our commitment to making a difference in Manitoba has never been stronger. With each passing day, we move closer to building a province that truly reflects the will and values of its people. However, to achieve our mission, we need your help now more than ever.

Monitoring Elections Across Manitoba

One of the fundamental ways we can impact change is by actively participating in elections at all levels, from school trustees to legislative seats. These elections shape the future of our communities and our province, and it's crucial that MST stays informed and engaged in these processes.

Calling for Volunteers: MST Election Monitors

To ensure we're well-informed and ready to act during election events, we're looking for dedicated volunteers to become our Election Monitors. This vital role involves keeping a watchful eye on various election activities happening throughout Manitoba.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Monitor Election Activities: Keep tabs on all types of elections, including by-elections, school trustee elections, council seats, and more, across the province.

  • Information Gathering: Collect data from multiple sources, including websites, members, and official channels, to stay updated on election-related news.

  • Communication Hub: Act as the central point of contact for election-related information within MST, liaising between members and management.

  • Member Education: Work closely with MST Local representatives to educate our members about ongoing elections, including voting procedures, candidate profiles, and key issues.

  • Candidate Profiles: Obtain information on candidates' profiles, contact details, and their stand on critical issues. Share this information with MST members.

  • Rapport Building: Develop strong relationships with MST Local representatives to ensure a smooth flow of information and coordination.

Why Volunteer as an MST Election Monitor?

Becoming an MST Election Monitor is a meaningful way to actively participate in our democratic processes. By volunteering your time and skills, you'll help MST make informed decisions and take impactful actions during elections. Here's why you should consider taking on this role:

  1. Empower MST: Your efforts will empower MST to engage with candidates, support those who align with our values, and help our members make informed voting choices.

  2. Community Impact: Elections shape the future of our communities. As an Election Monitor, you'll play a direct role in building a brighter Manitoba.

  3. Networking: You'll have the opportunity to connect with fellow MST members and representatives across the province, strengthening our grassroots network.

Join Us in Shaping Manitoba's Future

If you're passionate about democracy, community, and making a real difference, this is your chance to contribute significantly to MST's mission. Together, we can ensure that Manitoba's future is in the hands of its people.

To volunteer for the MST Election Monitor role or learn more about it, please contact us at [insert contact email].

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to Manitoba Stronger Together. With your help, we can achieve our vision for a stronger, more vibrant Manitoba.

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