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Food Consumption Equates Cellular Cohesion.

The nutritional value of our food has diminished greatly in the past 40+ years. We are now facing a time where our immunology is in decline due to GMO’s and pesticide-laden foods. The inflammatory responses of food today is causing central nervous system toxicity. RoundUp & other pesticides are used which absorb into the earth & are tainting our food supply. Scantiness guidelines are in place due to the policies in place through the global Food & Drug Agencies.

The food industrial complex is not altruistic. It was scientific research and political lobbying combined to try to get different regulatory approvals for different food additives. It’s truly is a revolving door.

They’re only going to get funding if they can prove to the consortium that they’re going to generate some sort of monetary gain. It’s a pay to play a game when money gets involved consequently because moral lines become very blurred. Supporting from local vendors helps our farmers that have become heavily bombarded with taxes & levies imposed by the governments that consistently take from the poor to inflate a bloated hierarchy monopoly. 

Energy, frequency & vibration.

We truly are the vibration of the quality of foods ingested. There is one plant for every ailment on our planet. Inflammatory responses caused by our diet is a gift to make necessary changes in food consumption. Our bodies, immunology and energy centres speak to us with innate accuracy when inflammation coexists. There is a direct correlation between the foods we ingest into our temples and the gut/brain correlation to cohesive health. Food digested that sits in our GI tract will determine the cohesiveness of our mental health via the vagus nerve. This is our gut to brain health.

A diet with substandard quality, highly-processed foods will be difficult to digest. The stomach acid will break down the foods making it easier for the digestive tract. Ingesting foods that are easy to break down mechanically and chemically will pass through with ease. Subpar foods turn into a toxic cesspool of bacteria that will sit dormant until it slowly moves through your digestive tract. Cohesive green foods we ingest are gifts to nourish and feed our bodies, minds, souls and immunology. Your reward will be a crisp, clear mindset and an optimal immunology. 

In terms of energy, frequency and vibration, we operate from the same frequency as Mother Earth (Shumann Resonance). Our resonant frequency is 7.83 Hz. The higher the frequency, the more cohesive and optimal our central nervous system & physiology oscillates. Our energetic vessels are fine-tuned & consequently absorb what we visualize, listen to & the vibration of our friendships we encase into our lives. 

Meditation & grounding are quintessential to our growth on a daily basis, even if that means counting our blessings, in the form of gratitude and being open to receive the gift of universal wisdom. 

As we morph into varying avatars relative to our higher states of consciousness, the quality of our friendships will ebb & flow. Friendships that once aligned in childhood, fall to the wayside as our trajectory shifts from misalignment to soul cohesion. The quality of relationships you acquire will be indicative of your soul ink. Many relationships divinely flow into our lives to reach us valuable soul lessons about our own alignment to self. Many lessons are integrated to teach us to honor our boundaries, self-discipline & to teach others how we will accept being treated. These, in itself is gifts put forth to the recipient. Those not in alignment will fall to the weigh side. Let them go. Energy passing through allows us the necessary room for exploration & expansion to flow into our lives with clarity.

Lemon, ginger, garlic & honey are just a few simple cohesive ingredients blessed by Mother Nature we can use in our daily diets, in their unprocessed & purest form to alleviate or eliminate inflammation. Cold-pressed products are available for busy lifestyles on the go. They are worth their weight in gold energetically for optimal alkalinity. An alkaline central nervous system equates 

Sungazing benefits

Sungazing benefits us in the mornings. This Egyptian practice will drastically improve the quality of your life on all levels, including mentally, physically, and spiritually. There’s approximately a 30 minute window when the sun rises and sets. There is an optimal window to sun gaze when the sun is first coming up on the horizon or it is exiting our sight of vision. The benefits of this meditative and energy absorbing modality includes:

  • Improves sleep recall

  • Mental Health

  • Boosts energy via cortisol distribution

  • Increases melatonin and serotonin

  • Fights fatigue

  • Increases pineal gland sensitivity (from reflective ultra-violet light)

  • Helps SAD (seasonal affective disorder)

  • Improves endocrine health

Sungazing boosts a number of chemicals that need to be released early in the day. The benefits are increased focus, energy & alertness throughout the morning as well as increased immune system function throughout the day. Insufficient sunlight can lead to depressive symptoms, such as anxiety and sleep disorder. At varying times in our lives, most of us have had issues with the patterns of our sleep cycle. Much can be attributed to too much blue light from our devices that many of us spend time on daily. The sleep we experience at night truly is a gift to our bodies, and the way that our cells rejuvenate themselves so we can feel refreshed and ready for an exhilarating & product day, however that manifests in our perspective. 

Bread today is bleached and is run through a chlorine process. Unprocessed flour will last 2-3 months prior to spoilage. These are telltale signs about the usage of shelf stable ingredients that are affecting our gut flora/biome. Ingredients used in products such as bread are calcium or sodium propionate (mold inhibitor), potassium bromate (banned in UK, EU & China), azodicarbonamide (yoga mats) & glyphosate (RoundUp). 

The biggest organ in our body is our skin, which, in cases everything beautiful in our vessel.  Every product that we use on our skin, including the water that we bathe in, gets absorbed into our genome. Products we use such as shampoos, soaps, and anything that is heavily, chemically laden with perfumes gets directly absorbed into our bodies affecting our nervous system. Lack of sunlight in the winter greatly diminishes our intake of vitamin D, therefore suppressing our immune systems. 

Energy flows where attention goes, so be mindful daily of your intention & mindset. We truly become our thoughts, dreams & desires. We are beautiful mosaics of art and finely-woven in masterpieces eloquently sculpted into perfection by our deepest dreams & desires.

Manifest wisely. Start your daily routine with, “I AM”, for what follows will determine the alignment of your soul ink & cohesion of your central nervous system. 

Blessings to everyone on their journey through this perfect human experience.


About the author:

My name is Gloria Karol. I am a Mother & a grandmother. I am an intuitive empath & have embarked on a healing journey of my central nervous system. I am a Lupus & Scleroderma warrior & have found optimal cohesion with clean eating & a healthy lifestyle. 

I am a freedom advocate & believe all souls across the planet have the right to life, liberty & security of person, no matter the race, ethnicity or denomination. I believe in bodily autonomy & the right to choose modalities for a healthy immunology. I strongly oppose medical coercion & anything that infringes on our civil liberties & rule of law. Through sharing information & awareness, we become forever entwined in soul ink through our journey through our human experience. 

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