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Pandemic Aftermath Interview Host: David Leis

David Leis from the Frontier Centre just dropped a new episode on the Frontier Centre podcast today featuring two extraordinary individuals, Ken Drysdale and Ches Crosbie, who played a significant role in the National Citizen's Inquiry. If you missed their previous appearance on X and YouTube, you can catch up here. They shared some shocking information that you need to know, which prompted me to invite them back for more.

Click on the Image above to watch the video on Rumble

The lies our elected officials have told, show that governments know the truth but seem to use deception to bolster their position and goals. Do these lies and the fear surrounding the pandemic plans weaken Canada's society? Listen to David Leis and his two guests, Ken Drysdale and Ches Crosbie, as they look at the findings of the National Citizen's Inquiry and discuss how to speak truth and remove the diet of fear from the conversation.

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