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Our Vision

Time for a Change

Our Purpose:


At Manitoba Stronger Together, our mission is to restore political influence to the people by empowering them through the creation of a robust bloc of voters. We are dedicated to cultivating an engaged and informed citizenry, leveraging the strength of our collective numbers to influence political representatives and potential candidates at all levels of government.

• We do not charge membership dues.
• We do not take donations.
• We do not have a tax exempt status.
• We are beholden to no one outside of you, our members.

How we do it

How Do We Do It:


Advocacy and Impact: Together, we advocate for policies and initiatives that reflect the needs and desires of the people in our communities, - - - not corporate special interests, not political parties or international globalist organizations.

We believe in the collective strength of our voices which we will use to influence positive change at the local, provincial, and national levels of governance.

How? By utilizing our collective voting power. In other words, we will remind the candidates and representatives that they work for us, the People. We will accomplish this by showing them that our bloc of thousands of Manitobans will either vote for them or against them, depending on how they represent the people.

We are not a political party

Are We Another New Political Party?


  • We are non-party aligned, we are only aligned with the people of our communities.

  • We want and get to to know the candidates.

  • We vote together for whoever pledges to represent us.

  • What if they pledge to support us but once elected do not? We will vote them out on the next round!

  • We will support whichever candidate supports us --- regardless of the party --- because we need voices heard in all of the parties!

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