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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Want to Know More?

Discover more about Manitoba Stronger Together's mission, policies, and opportunities to join the movement for a stronger, empowered community.

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Are You Just in Manitoba?

We are excited to announce that Manitoba Stronger Together is expanding across Canada soon.

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The Bison Story

Click here to explore the fascinating story of the bison and its significance to Manitoba Stronger Together.


How Much Does it Cost?

Membership is free - join Manitoba Stronger Together today and be part of the movement for positive change in our province and beyond.

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How To Information

How To Arrange a Meeting

Our comprehensive guide will assist you in organizing and hosting your first meeting, empowering you to engage effectively with Manitoba Stronger Together.

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Candidate Oath of Representation

Our candidate oath embodies a solemn commitment to uphold the principles of Manitoba Stronger Together and serve the best interests of the people.

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Prepare a Contact Profile 

Download our template to create a comprehensive contact profile for your elected representative and stay engaged in the political process.

Gathering Information

What Should We/They Expect

Download our comprehensive guideline that outlines our expectations for candidates and what they can expect from Manitoba Stronger Together.

How Can You Help

Information About Us

Our Core Beliefs

Download our document outlining our core beliefs and values for a stronger Manitoba.

We ask that you be fully familiar with out approach.

Our Mission

How Can You Help Us

Sometimes the task seems so large that you just do not know how to start, we will MST you can start by simply signing up!

Once you get to know us, you will want to help carry the load of your fellow members

How Can You Help

Code of Conduct

We have provided you with a specific Code of Conduct, when representing MST or attending any of our meetings .

The Code applies to both in person and virtual meetings.

Code of Conduct

How Can I join?

Joining MST is easy, you simply fill out the registration from on this website.

That is all there is to it, fill in the information that you feel comfortable with sharing.

Join Us


In keeping with a true grassroots organization, we have designed a pdf template which you can use to print MST business cards!

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Use Avery Template no. 5371

MST Policy Statement 

We are thrilled to present our comprehensive Policy Statement for the upcoming election on October 3, outlining our vision for a prosperous and empowered Manitoba!

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A New Plan for Manitobans

Letter to Manitoba MLA's

We've prepared a Letter of Introduction template addressed to each MLA in Manitoba.

This letter aims to inform them about MST, we need your help.


Download and Send by Mail to your MLA

Quick Impact Messages

A Quick Impact Message is a concise and compelling statement designed to quickly introduce and capture the attention of potential new members or supporters. 


The guide gives instruction, examples and added info!

Our Tuesday Weekly Meetings

Join us to learn more about our weekly Tuesday evening 60-minute meeting and get involved in shaping Manitoba's future!


Tuesdays @ 6:30 PM Central Time

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