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A Night of Inspiration and Unity: MST Live Event in Stonewall, Manitoba

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

In the heart of Manitoba, a gathering of minds and spirits took place on November 15, 2023. In the picturesque town of Stonewall, amidst a crowd of approximately 110 passionate Manitobans, Manitoba Stronger Together (MST) hosted a live event that was nothing short of inspirational. With a lineup of distinguished speakers and the spirit of unity in the air, this event marked a pivotal moment in MST's journey towards empowering Manitobans to reclaim their democracy.

A Diverse Lineup of Speakers:

The event brought together a dynamic quartet of speakers who shared their insights, stories, and vision for a stronger Manitoba.

Ken Drysdale, one of MST's co-founders, kicked off the evening. Drawing from his roots in Stonewall and his dedication to MST's mission, Ken set the stage by emphasizing the importance of community and collaboration. He touched upon MST's journey, from its inception to its ever-growing presence across the province.

Chris Riddell, an integral part of MST, took the stage to delve deeper into the organization's structure and goals. He elucidated MST's role in building a community of engaged Manitobans, one that spans the entire province. His informative presentation left no doubt that MST's focus on grassroots engagement is key to its mission.

Marrianne Klowak, a seasoned media professional, exposed the audience to the realities of media corruption and the power of the people to hold it accountable. Her presentation was an eye-opener, highlighting the need for honest journalism and a well-informed public.

Throughout the evening, the event was skillfully emceed by Rosalie Drysdale, who ensured the program flowed seamlessly and kept the audience engaged.

A Night of Unity and Purpose:

The MST live event in Stonewall was not just an informational session; it was a gathering of like-minded individuals who share a common purpose. It was an opportunity for Manitobans to connect, discuss, and engage in meaningful dialogue about their province's future.

The event, which included thought-provoking presentations, was followed by a Q&A session, allowing the audience to interact directly with the speakers. The questions and discussions that arose reflected the shared concern for democracy and the future of Manitoba.


The MST live event in Stonewall was a resounding success, leaving attendees inspired, informed, and more committed than ever to MST's mission of reclaiming democracy in Manitoba. It was a testament to the power of community, education, and the unwavering spirit of Manitobans.

As MST continues to grow and reach communities across the province, events like these serve as beacons of hope and unity. They remind us that the path to a stronger Manitoba is built upon the foundations of knowledge, community, and a shared vision for a brighter future.


Can't Get Enough of MST? Join Us at Upcoming Live Events!

For those who were unable to attend MST's electrifying live event in Stonewall, we have exciting news! You still have the opportunity to be a part of our movement and experience the inspiration and unity that MST brings to every corner of Manitoba. Our mission to empower Manitobans and reclaim democracy knows no bounds, and we have two upcoming live events that you won't want to miss.

Steinbach, November 18, 2023: On this date, MST will be bringing its message of community, accountability, and grassroots engagement to Steinbach. This vibrant town is the perfect setting for Manitobans to gather, learn, and connect. Our speakers will be ready to share their insights, stories, and vision for a stronger Manitoba. Whether you're new to MST or a seasoned supporter, Steinbach is the place to be on November 18th.

Lac Du Bonnet, November 26, 2023: If you're passionate about the future of Manitoba and determined to make a difference, mark your calendar for November 26th. Lac Du Bonnet will be the next stop on MST's journey to unite Manitobans and empower them to take control of their democracy. Our live event in Lac Du Bonnet promises to be an inspiring evening filled with knowledge, community, and a shared vision for a better Manitoba.

For more information about these upcoming events, including venue details and speaker lineups, visit the Manitoba Stronger Together website's live events page. Keep the momentum going, join the MST community, and let your voice be heard as we work together to shape the future of our province. Stay engaged, stay informed, and stay united with MST!

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Attended the meeting in Stonewall 15 Nov 23! The gathering was well worth the hour drive! 🏎️ It was such a relief to sit in a room with "like minded Canadians", meet new people, reaffirm some local acquaintances as well as sponge up the wealth of information presented! Well done and thank you for your hard work. Hopefully, the inspiration shared will give people their spirit back. Its time to take Manitoba & Canada back to the grassroots with confidence!!

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