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Ep. 4: Our Policy #4: Rebuilding Manitoba's Healthcare: Resilience and Patient-Centric Care

Greetings, fellow Manitobans! We are back with another captivating episode of our Manitoba Stronger Together video series. Get ready to dive into Episode Four, where we're excited to present Policy Statement #4: Rebuilding Manitoba's Healthcare System: Resilience and Patient-Centric Care.

Healthcare is at the forefront of our minds, and in this episode, we're delving deep into our vision for revitalizing Manitoba's healthcare landscape. Our Policy Statement is a comprehensive roadmap that outlines our commitment to ensuring a resilient and patient-centric healthcare system. We understand the challenges faced by our healthcare workers, the backlogs in treatments, and the urgent need for mental health support.

But we're not just highlighting the issues – we're offering solutions. Our Policy Statement underscores the importance of welcoming back trusted healthcare professionals, overhauling healthcare organizations, and prioritizing patient well-being. We believe in putting patients first, empowering healthcare workers, and fostering an environment where everyone thrives.

In Episode Four, we explore how our proposed measures will not only address the challenges but also lay the foundation for a healthcare system that is accessible, efficient, and compassionate. As we navigate the complexities of rebuilding healthcare, your engagement is crucial. We invite you to watch, listen, and share your thoughts with us.

The journey to a resilient healthcare system starts here. Join us in Episode Four as we unveil the details of Policy Statement #4 and work together to ensure a healthier future for all Manitobans. Stay tuned for more enlightening episodes, as we continue to share our Policy Statements and drive change through collaboration and unity


Forging Our Path to a Stronger Manitoba Manitoba Stronger Together's Policy Platform for the 2023 Provincial Election


4. Rebuilding Manitoba's Healthcare System: Resilience and Patient-Centric Care

At Manitoba Stronger Together we recognize the urgent need to rebuild our healthcare system in the aftermath of our government’s devastating pandemic policies.

The challenges faced by our healthcare system include; backlogs in treatments and diagnosis, mental health issues among healthcare workers, and a toxic work environment due to Covid-19 policies. These circumstances demand immediate and thoughtful action.

Our policy is centred on welcoming back trusted healthcare workers who were marginalized during the pandemic, overhauling the College of Physicians and Surgeons to ensure accountability, and investigating violations of patients' fundamental rights. In order to build a resilient and responsible healthcare system that caters to the wellbeing of all Manitoban we emphasize the importance of focusing on patient needs, rather than solely expanding physical infrastructure.

Policy Objectives:

  1. Restoring Trust and Resilience: We are committed to welcoming back dedicated healthcare workers who were unfairly impacted during the pandemic. Our policy aims to address mental health concerns among healthcare staff and foster a supportive work environment that prioritizes the wellbeing of frontline workers. We must first heal the healers before we can expect them to heal us.

  2. Overhaul of the College of Physicians and Surgeons: In order to ensure transparency, accountability, and adherence to ethical principles, we advocate for a citizen led comprehensive review of the College of Physicians and Surgeons to ensure transparency, accountability, and adherence to ethical principles. Strengthening and refocussing the regulatory body will safeguard patient rights, uphold informed consent, and promote patient medical confidentiality.

  3. Patient-Centric Care: Our policy centres on patient needs ensuring that healthcare decisions prioritize the best interests of Manitobans. We will actively involve patients and their families in care plans by respecting their choices and empowering them to be active participants in their healthcare journey.

  4. Addressing Backlogs and Prioritization: Through implementing measures to address backlogs in treatments and diagnosis, we will focus on prioritizing cases based on medical urgency. By streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency we will work to reduce waiting times and improve patient access to care.

  5. Investing in Healthcare Workforce: We recognize that a strong healthcare system requires a well-supported workforce. Our policy includes initiatives for re-education of healthcare workers across the province, providing continuous training and skill improving opportunities to enhance their capabilities.

  6. Balancing Infrastructure Development: While infrastructure development is essential, we plan to take a measured approach by pausing wholesale expansion and instead focusing on staffing and repairing existing facilities. This will ensure our resources are allocated efficiently and sustainably while taking into consideration our current debt load.

  7. Promoting Local Healthcare Solutions: We will explore innovative local healthcare solutions, encourage collaboration between healthcare providers, community organizations, and government entities. These initiatives will help address specific regional needs and enhance the accessibility and effectiveness of healthcare services.


Manitoba Stronger Together's policy on rebuilding the healthcare system stands on a foundation of resilience, accountability, privacy and patient-centred care. By welcoming back valued healthcare workers, fostering a supportive environment, and prioritizing patient rights, we will rebuild a healthcare system that prioritizes the individual needs of Manitobans. Through thoughtful investment in our workforce and infrastructure, we will create a responsible healthcare system that serves as a pillar of strength for our province. Together we can overcome the challenges of the past, forge a brighter healthcare future, and ensure the wellbeing of all Manitobans for generations to come.


In the spirit of fostering informed and engaged citizens, we're excited to announce that we'll be serving up our Policy Statements one at a time.

Our goal is simple: we want to provide you, the people of Manitoba, with the detailed information you need to consider these statements thoughtfully. Armed with these insights, you can then approach your elected representatives and candidates and ask them the crucial question:

Do you support these policy statements, and are you willing to stand with the thousands of Manitobans who are part of our growing movement?

As we unveil each section, we encourage you to delve in, reflect, and reach out to your candidates. Ask them where they stand on the issues that matter most to you, your family, and your community. The collective voice of Manitobans is powerful, and by engaging with your representatives, you're shaping the direction of our province.

But we can't do it alone. We need your help to spread the word far and wide. Share this blog post with your candidates, family, friends, and social media groups. Let's ignite the conversation, spark dialogue, and ensure that the voices of Manitobans are heard loud and clear.

So, as we dive into these Policy Statements, remember that you're not just reading about our vision for Manitoba – you're actively contributing to it. Let's hold our representatives accountable, engage in meaningful discussions, and work together for a brighter future. Thank you for being part of Manitoba Stronger Together!

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