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Tuesday June 25, 2024: 6:30 pm (CST) A Phenomenal National Stronger Together Conference!

We hope everyone is doing well and excited for our Zoom meeting tonight, June 25, 2024, at 6:30 pm Central Time. Today, we will be reviewing the extraordinary National Stronger Together Conference that concluded this past Sunday, June 23, 2024. We're thrilled to share that this year's conference exceeded all expectations, setting a new standard for events of this kind.

Click on the Image above to join the Zoom Meeting on Tuesday at 6:30 pm CST

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Exceeding Expectations

Held at the Brokenhead Community Hall in Beausejour, Manitoba, the conference was a resounding success from start to finish. Over three days, attendees from all corners of Canada gathered to share knowledge, collaborate on ideas, and inspire one another towards a brighter future. The theme "Stronger Together" truly came to life, and the impact of the event was felt by all who participated.

Thank You to Our Amazing Speakers and Panelists

A heartfelt thank you goes out to our fantastic guest speakers, including keynote speakers Meghan, DeVaughn, and Gal Harper, and Dr. Mark Trozzi, and Dr. Bill Code whose powerful session on Saturday night moved everyone deeply. The panels, expertly moderated by Shadoe Davis, covered crucial topics like education reform, legal challenges to government overreach, media navigation, community resilience, and food security. Each session was packed with insightful discussions and practical strategies.

Appreciation for Volunteers and Organizers

We extend our deepest gratitude to the volunteers and organizers who worked tirelessly behind the scenes. Your dedication and hard work were instrumental in making this event a seamless and memorable experience. Special thanks to the Manitoba Stronger Together team, led by Ken Drysdale and Chris Riddell, for their unwavering commitment to this cause.

Thank You to the Community Centre Staff and Caterers

A big thank you also goes to the staff of the Brokenhead Community Hall and the catering team. Your efforts ensured that the venue was welcoming and the meals were delicious, adding to the overall positive experience for all attendees.

Celebrating Our Attendees

To everyone who attended, thank you for making this conference unique, inspiring, and a fantastic time. Your presence and participation were the driving forces behind the event's success. The energy, engagement, and passion you brought to the discussions truly embodied the spirit of "Stronger Together."

Positive Feedback Pouring In

Over the past several days, we've been overwhelmed with positive feedback from attendees, praising the Manitoba Stronger Together team for organizing such a phenomenal event. The comments highlight the inspirational speakers, the valuable networking opportunities, and the sense of unity and purpose that permeated the conference.

Moving Forward

As we reflect on the success of this conference, we are already looking forward to the future. This event has set a new benchmark for our community, and we are excited to continue building on this momentum. Together, we will keep striving for a stronger, freer, and more united Canada.

Join us tonight on Zoom as we share more highlights, personal stories, and reflections from the conference. Let's celebrate our achievements and start planning for even greater successes ahead!

Let's come together as a community to explore the issues that matter most to us and chart a path forward toward a stronger, more prosperous Canada. See you there!


This Weeks "Jam Packed" Agenda.

  1. Intro and Welcome to the MST Zoom Meeting (1 min)

    1. The meeting has a 60 minute time length

    2. We only Video Record Guest Presentation

    3. Respectful atmosphere at all times

    4. Guest speakers represent their own perspective, not necessarily the opinion os MST

    5. We provide an opportunity for diverse opinions

    6. Our meetings are intended to inform and to create community

  2. Welcome (New Members) (1 min)

  3. Social Media Reminders

    1. Video from Last Weeks Zoom is now online on our Video page:

    2. New Video About MST Conference:

    3. New video About MST Conference:

    4. Facebook:

    5. Twitter Feed: @MBStronger

    6. Rumble:

    7. Tik Tok: mbstrongertogether

  4. Discussion for The Week

    1. Stronger Together Conference (40 min)

      1. Final Attendance numbers were around 350

      2. As soon as we receive and process the final inovices, we will send out the financial statement the membership, I believe we will be in the black, thanks everyone.

      3. We will be converting the Event Website into an Archive for the Conference. If you would like to send any photos and vidoes, please send them to

      4. The AV team video taped all sessions in 4K, and took photos, as soon as I get those photos and video, I will create panel discussions videos, and post to to our website and to Rumble. I anticipate that will take a week or so.

      5. I want to let you know that while I was up on stage in the final panel of the conference, someone removed the Flash Card from my camera. So my photos are gone.

    2. I will have 30 copies of Volumes 1 & 2 of the NCI Report available for sale at the conference, $60.00 including GST for the set. That is $5 off retail price, I will be avaialable to autograph them as well.

  5. Wins of the Week (5)

    1. #1 Pick of the week One nation under God rally for children. Leader, Kamel El-Cheikh, told The Post Millennial that 50 percent of students across Canada stayed out of school while the Pride flag was raised as they and their parents insisted that June should not be Pride month but "My Child June Month."  El-Cheikh was also the organizer of last September's Million Person March to oppose gender ideology in the schools and to pushback on notions that children should be able to change their pronouns without informing their parents or that 12-year-olds should be rushed into sex change operations because they might be experiencing some degree of gender dysphoria. He is already planning and organizing another rally this September.

    2. #2 Pick of the week Ezra Levant is in Federal Court challenging Justin Trudeau's hand-picked censorship panel that declared Rebel News journalists are not 'qualified' media.    Trudeau's hand-picked censorship panel previously declared that Rebel News journalists aren't 'real' journalists based off a secretive government censorship panel's 'research' on 276 stories from Rebel News.    The panel declared that “less than 1% of the content meets the criteria for original news content.” Rebel News is now fighting back. When the CRA claimed we didn't report news, we sent them 200 examples of news. (Since our founding, we've produced 60,000+ news reports.) They ignored them, didn't contact us, and just banned us.

    3.  #3 Pick of the week the Injection of Truth press conference held on the 18 of June,  attended by 6 doctors speaking out against the C-19 Bioweapon injections given to children when there is simply no justification to do so.  The six doctors participating in this Press Conference were Dr Mark Trozzi, Dr William Makis, Darrell Komick, Dr Chris Shoemaker, Dr Byram Bridle, Dr David Speicher.  The video is an hr long, but well worth the investment of time to watch. 

  6. General Discussion, Ken Calls on You. (13 min)

    1. We are going to take a break from the MST Zoom calls until September. We need a break and Ken has to get the new NCI Report written, so we will see everyone back in the fall.

    2. We will continue to post blog posts, and membership emails so please stay tuned.


Please join on time, we start and finish on time.

Usually I am in the chat ten minutes before the start of the meeting!


Information for First Timers!


Unite and Ignite: Join us for our Engaging Tuesday Evening Gathering!

At Manitoba Stronger Together, we deeply value our members' time and commitment to our cause. As a testament to this respect, we have made a dedicated effort to keep our weekly Tuesday evening meetings strictly to 60 minutes.

We understand the importance of balancing civic engagement with other responsibilities in our members' lives. By efficiently utilizing this time, we ensure that each minute spent in the meeting is productive, purposeful, and impactful. Our commitment to maintaining a concise and engaging gathering exemplifies our dedication to empowering our community without imposing unnecessary burdens on our valued members. Together, we maximize the value of each moment, propelling our mission forward and creating a united front for a stronger and prosperous Manitoba.


What You Can Expect at Our Meetings?

1. Warm Welcomes and Introductions:

Our meetings begin with warm smiles and enthusiastic introductions, as new faces join familiar ones. The spirit of camaraderie and shared purpose fills the air, reminding us of the power of coming together as one.

2. Update on Progress:

The leadership team shares the latest developments within our organization. We are elated to report significant growth in our membership numbers, reaffirming our belief in the importance of responsible governance and community empowerment.

3. A Dynamic Guest Speaker:

Each evening we welcome a special guest speaker who speaks to our membership about topics that are of special interest. Their expertise sheds light on critical issues affecting our province, urging us to keep striving for a better tomorrow.

Do you know someone who would be a great guest speaker? Email us with the name and contact information.

4. Open Dialogue and Discussion:

One of the highlights of the evening is the lively and engaging discussion that follows the guest presentation. Members actively share their insights, opinions, and ideas on pressing subjects that demand our attention. Through respectful dialogue, we reinforce the importance of transparent communication and active civic participation. Remember our 60 minute Deadline! If you cannot speak this week, there is always next, and you can contact us by email through the website.

5. Building Solidarity:

Throughout these meetings, the sense of solidarity is encouraged, fuelling our commitment to fostering a united Manitoba. We discovered that, like the bison herds that once roamed freely, our collective strength lies in standing together, unyielding in the face of challenges.

6. Embracing the Road Ahead:

With each meeting you will feel your spirit soar with the knowledge that we are on the right path. Together, we are building a movement that empowers citizens and redefines the political landscape. The journey may be challenging, but we stand unwavering, ready to create a brighter future for our beloved province.

Join Us Next Tuesday, and every Tuesday:

We extend a heartfelt invitation to all citizens who share our vision of responsible governance, community empowerment, and unity. Our Tuesday regular meetings are more than just gatherings; they are catalysts for positive change.


Exciting news at Manitoba Stronger Together!

We have recently added a dynamic "Schedule of Events" section on our homepage (bottom of page), where you can conveniently review and stay updated on our upcoming guest speakers and other important gatherings. This schedule serves as your go-to resource for planning your engagement with our community.

While we are diligently working on optimizing the schedule for mobile devices, we encourage you to view it on a desktop or tablet for the best experience.

Together, we look forward to exploring a multitude of impactful events that unite us in our mission for responsible governance and community empowerment. Mark your calendars, and let's embark on this journey together!

We can also use this schedule to update members on upcoming events that our membership may be participating in.


What Our Logo Means

The logo for Manitoba Stronger Together incorporates elements that symbolize unity, community, and the strength of the bison.

  1. Bison Icon: Is a silhouette of a stylized representation of a bison, symbolizing strength, resilience, and unity. The bison is depicted in a side stance, representing progress and moving together as a community.

  2. The vertical stripes: represent that the movement includes all people from all walks of life, all beliefs and all political affiliations.

  3. The Horizontal Connecting Lines: across the bison represent the connections and interdependence of community members, emphasizing the concept of being stronger together.

  4. Blue Tones: The blue in the logo design represents growth, harmony, and the natural beauty of Manitoba's landscapes.

  5. Dynamic Font: We choose a strong and modern bold font for the organization's name "Manitoba Stronger Together" to convey a sense of confidence and forward-thinking.


Let us continue to unite, ignite our passions, and work towards building a stronger and united Manitoba. Together, we will shape the future we want and deserve.

Keep an eye out for our next meeting announcement, and let us walk this transformative journey as one!

Stay united, stay empowered, and stay strong!

In solidarity,

The Manitoba Stronger Together Team

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