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Episode Eight: Bridging the Digital Rural-Urban Divide

Greetings, Manitobans! Welcome back to our Manitoba Stronger Together video series. It's time to delve into Episode Eight, where we'll be discussing Policy Statement #8: Bridging the Digital Rural-Urban Divide.

In this episode, we're shining a light on the critical issue of digital connectivity in our province. We recognize the vast potential that lies in ensuring all Manitobans, regardless of their geographic location, have equal access to reliable high-speed internet and technology.

Our Policy Statement #8 emphasizes the importance of bridging the gap between rural and urban areas when it comes to digital access.

The digital divide hinders economic growth, education, healthcare, and communication opportunities for many in our province. We believe it's time to address this imbalance and create a Manitoba where everyone has the tools they need to succeed.

Join us in Episode Eight as we explore the details of Policy Statement #8 - Bridging the Digital Rural-Urban Divide.

We're dedicated to finding innovative solutions that will bring digital connectivity to every corner of our province, ensuring that no Manitoban is left behind in this digital age.

Tune in, engage, and share your thoughts as we continue to unravel our Policy Statements, each designed to contribute to the growth and prosperity of our great province. Stay tuned for more episodes that delve into the policies that matter most to Manitobans.


Forging Our Path to a Stronger Manitoba Manitoba Stronger Together's Policy Platform for the 2023 Provincial Election


8. Bridging the Digital Rural-Urban Divide At Manitoba Stronger Together we recognize the importance of bridging the digital divide in order to ensure equal access to digital connectivity for all residents regardless of their location.

Our policy advocates for comprehensive efforts to improve digital infrastructure and connectivity in underserved rural areas. By prioritizing digital inclusion, we aim to empower rural communities with equal opportunities for education, healthcare, business growth, and social connectivity.

Policy Objectives:

  1. Investment in Digital Infrastructure: To ensure internet access for underserved areas we will allocate resources to invest in digital infrastructure, including broadband networks and mobile connectivity. This investment will form the foundation for enhanced digital connectivity across the province.

  2. 5G Network. In line with your concerns we share apprehensions about the rapid expansion of the 5G system in Manitoba. As part of our commitment to responsible governance we advocate for a temporary pause in this development to allow for a comprehensive risk and benefit analysis. It is imperative that this analysis thoroughly evaluates all aspects of the issue, accounting for health, convenience, and and any potential controversies surrounding this technology. In our policy statement we assert that the decision on the proliferation of 5G should be driven by what Manitobans want, so that they can actively participate in shaping the adoption of new technologies that could impact their lives and well-being.

  3. Public-Private Partnerships: Our policy encourages the establishment of public-private partnerships to accelerate the expansion of digital infrastructure. By collaborating with private entities we can leverage expertise and resources to achieve greater connectivity reach.

  4. Digital Inclusion Programs: We will develop digital inclusion programs that provide access to affordable internet services and necessary digital devices for rural residents. These programs will address the affordability barrier that some communities face in adopting digital technologies.

  5. Educational and Training Initiatives: Our policy emphasizes educational and training initiatives to equip rural residents with the digital skills necessary to fully participate in the digital economy. These initiatives will promote digital literacy and empower individuals to make the most of digital opportunities.

  6. Healthcare and Telemedicine Access: We will prioritize digital connectivity in healthcare facilities to improve access to telemedicine and e-health services for rural residents. This approach will enhance healthcare outcomes and reduce barriers to medical consultations and services.

  7. Supporting Local Businesses: Our policy aims to support local businesses in rural areas by providing digital tools and resources for e-commerce and online marketing. This support will enable businesses to reach broader markets and thrive in the digital age.

  8. Community Wi-Fi and Digital Hubs: To provide access to digital services for residents who may not have internet access at home we will establish community Wi-Fi hotspots and digital hubs. These hubs will serve as centres for digital activities, learning, and collaboration.


Manitoba Stronger Together's policy on digital connectivity for all focuses on closing the digital divide between rural and urban areas.

Through strategic investments in digital infrastructure, public-private partnerships, and digital inclusion programs, we aim to empower rural communities with equal access to digital opportunities.

By promoting digital literacy, supporting telemedicine access, and fostering digital entrepreneurship, we seek to create a more connected and vibrant province.

By embracing the potential of digital technologies, we can bridge the gap and ensure that every Manitoban, regardless of their location, can thrive in the digital age and contribute to the overall growth and prosperity of Manitoba.


In the spirit of fostering informed and engaged citizens, we're excited to announce that we'll be serving up our Policy Statements one at a time.

Our goal is simple: we want to provide you, the people of Manitoba, with the detailed information you need to consider these statements thoughtfully. Armed with these insights, you can then approach your elected representatives and candidates and ask them the crucial question:

Do you support these policy statements, and are you willing to stand with the thousands of Manitobans who are part of our growing movement?

As we unveil each section, we encourage you to delve in, reflect, and reach out to your candidates. Ask them where they stand on the issues that matter most to you, your family, and your community. The collective voice of Manitobans is powerful, and by engaging with your representatives, you're shaping the direction of our province.

But we can't do it alone. We need your help to spread the word far and wide. Share this blog post with your candidates, family, friends, and social media groups. Let's ignite the conversation, spark dialogue, and ensure that the voices of Manitobans are heard loud and clear.

So, as we dive into these Policy Statements, remember that you're not just reading about our vision for Manitoba – you're actively contributing to it. Let's hold our representatives accountable, engage in meaningful discussions, and work together for a brighter future. Thank you for being part of Manitoba Stronger Together!


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