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From Sidelines to Center Field: Why Action Speaks Louder than Words

Hey MST Family, greetings from the lounge at YVR. Let's talk about the difference between cheering from the sidelines and stepping out onto the field. We've all seen it before - those who claim they want to affect change, but when it comes time to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty, they're nowhere to be found.

Now, don't get me wrong, participation looks different for everyone.

We understand that not everyone can dedicate the same level of time, expertise, or resources. But here at MST, we're incredibly proud of our community of over 53,000 strong who actively engage with us on our website, in our Zoom meetings, and beyond. These tireless workers are putting everything on the line to help us achieve our goals, and we couldn't be more grateful for their dedication.

You all know who you are and you have my everlasting gratitiude, and respect.

But let's talk about those who are still sitting on the sidelines.

We see you on social media, giving those little thumbs up 👍 from time to time, but how many of you are actually sharing our posts?

How about those conference materials?

They're as non-confrontational as it gets, yet we're still seeing hundreds of likes but so few shares.

Why not repost the eventsite to your social media, or the poster, or the events page, here are the links:

Here is the Event Poster:

You can download this image and use it on your social media
Stronger Together Conference Poster One

Video link on Rumble:

Why not share the blog post. When you check the blog post there are three little dots at the top right, if you click on those dots it allows you to share the post to your social media or you can copy the link and share that. It could not be easier!

Why is it that these posts have not gotten 53,000 shares?

If you do not like my posts, then how about making your own?

If we truly want to win this fight, we need everyone to show up - and I mean everyone. Take, for example, our campaign to find a candidate to run in the Louis Riel School Division for School Trustee.

Despite five generous volunteers stepping up, (we need many many more) we're still missing that key candidate. I'll be honest, I'm volunteering and donating, but I can't run myself since I don't live in the district. This is a golden opportunity to make a real difference, and I'm worried we're going to let it slip through our fingers.

So, what more can we do? How can we inspire more good people to step up and take action?

We've got an experienced campaign manager on board, we're rallying volunteers, but we need your help to spread the word and encourage others to join the cause.

If you are someone who lives in the district and have been thinking there is something wrong, you need to step up.

If you know someone who is always talking about something being wrong, pick up the phone and call them, let them know there are people to support them.

There's so much being done by so few right now, but we can't do it alone. We need your strong arms, your bold countenance, and your unwavering commitment to stand up and make a difference.

Together, we can turn these cheers from the sidelines into triumphant victories on the field. Let's do this, MST family!

With love and determination,

Ken Drysdale

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I heard a great term that I’m adopting for myself. Alt-center


Dear Ken,

We already have so many non-profits informing people but what action have you taken to actually solve our problems. With all due respect for all the work you have and are doing you still have not taken a strong stand for us in what we truly need. We need to get rid of our governments that are completely corrupt by replacing them with people we do trust. I have reached out to you to take a stand many times years ago. We can elect independent candidates to run and who will represent us the people not their corrupt party. This is action and this is a solution. I have written you dozens of emails about this action but…

Replying to

Slavica, perhaps if you attended a few meetings and / or actually read our information on our website, or attended any of our live events, you would have a better understanding of what we are doing. BTW my case in point is that in this week's Zoom meeting representatives from Independent BC are actually presenting to our group, so this is actually an example of how you are using a flawed and uniformed positions, without actually looking into anything, and without actually participating except for on the keyboard. We in the "Reconstruction" movement are unfortunately inundated with thousands of "Sheep in Wolf's Clothing" who only contribute by criticizing others who are actually front and centre. BTW, your comment tha…

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