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The Untapped Power of the Collective Consciousness

Part Two of “Thin Veil Of CivilityWe need Community Now More Than Ever. After my last blog, I have continued to ponder the potential and powerful impact of community. The whole contemplation of moving together as one large body, committed to the same goals, principles, and consciousness, has more than intrigued me.

As a collective society, we have slowly but surely become painfully aware of the rampant lying and corruption in municipal, provincial, federal, and global governments, not to mention our institutions, and many organizations. Therefore we have, by and large, communally become entirely suspicious of everything. Everything we hear, everything we see, everything we are told, even everything we think we knew. This upside down-ness strikes us all at the very core of our consciousness, our individual and collective consciousness.

Let’s quickly review the meanings of some key concepts.

The definition of Conscience:

-an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behaviour.

The definition of Consciousness:

- your awareness of yourself and the world around you.

The definition of Community:

1. A group of people living in the same place, or having a particular characteristic in common.

2. A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common interest and goals.

When our conscience notifies us, pricks us, and does not let us rest, we become restLESS. It seems to be an instinctive thing that we begin to seek out others who also have restless consciences and are driven to be true and loyal to it.

I believe this is the foundation of the collective consciousness which is, in turn, the foundation of community. I believe our individual search, our individual consciences and need for truth, propel us toward community.

Now here is where the true amazing part begins.

The full effective power of the collective conscience or consciousness of the majority is an untapped might that we have yet to experience. This power of the collective consciousness is what those who want to take our freedoms away desperately fear.

In actuality, they fear us more than we fear them.

I recently stumbled upon a documentary called, “The Vatican and the Third Reich: An Unholy Alliance.” Pope Pius XII presided over the papacy from 1939-1958. Watch Here.

He was overwhelmingly silent about the extermination of the Jews, though he received many notices, communications, and warnings about the atrocities that were occurring. He said and did virtually nothing.

According to this documentary, “… many believers did not wait for a message from Pius XII. They acted on their own conscience….many Catholics of the time, in Rome, hid over 4,000 Jews, saving entire families.”

My point? We often wait for some kind of leadership, even leadership from our spiritual guides to somehow sanction our actions, or tell us what to do.

We have become accustomed to employing their direction with regard to the Devine, expectations of righteous actions, and our own consciences. However, as history has shown us, all too often, these people are just human beings who are also subject to their own fears, inhibitions, and at times, outright cowardice.

Meanwhile back to our own current circumstances, I think our own Canadian truckers showed us all how it’s done. At no small personal and individual cost, they gave the world the most excellent example of community. I’m so proud of them I feel like bursting!

As we now watch what’s going on all over the world, from the German farmers, to the farmers from other European countries, to the Texan truckers who soon aim to gather at the southern Texan borders, banding together and standing up for their children's rights to a sovereign future; I believe they have drawn their example, innovation, and courage from the Canadian truckers who were an example of coming together as a community, as a united front. The Canadian truckers showed them the way!

In much the same way, Manitoba Stronger Together is in our own fight for our past, present, and future. Everyone involved with MST should be proud of their contributions. Being a true contributor to the cause for freedom is not about passivity.

To be sure, it is great to attend meetings, to post memes, and forward information, but turning up the dial and making a difference is much more than that.

It is about standing shoulder to shoulder, standing tall, standing bravely in the face of adversity. It is about coming along side those who might be in the line of fire, and supporting them. Standing for what is right and most importantly, standing for the freedom of future Canadians and the world. It is about boldly saying, "what more can I do?"

We need active and increased participation, everyone to raise their own bar.

I just read recently about where that term "raising the bar" comes from. It comes from the athletic sport of Hurdling. When competitive athletes clear a certain bar height, they improve their skill and ranking by raising the bar higher. When they've cleared that height, they keep pushing themselves to greater heights by "raising the bar". I think this is a perfect analogy for our individual activities in MST and frankly, for every other aspect of our lives.

It starts with matching the bar height of our personal consciences. Be true to your own conscience. Be led by your conscience.

In closing, here’s what Bret Weinstein said in his recent interview with Tucker Carlson:

“… this is really…. it’s what we call in game theory collective action problem. If everybody responds to their personal well-being, if everybody says it’s too dangerous to stand up … I can’t do it, then not enough people stand up to change the course of history. Whereas if people somehow put aside the obvious danger; their ability to earn, and maybe to their lives, of saying what needs to be said, then we greatly out number those we are pitted against. “

“They are ferociously powerful but I would also point out this interesting error: So I call the force that we're up against "Goliath", just so I remember what the battle is. Goliath made a terrible mistake and it made it mostly during Covid, which is, it took all of the competent people, took all of the courageous people, and shoved them out of the institutions where they were hanging on. It created, in so doing, the dream team. It created every player you could possibly want on your team to fight some historic battle against a terrible evil. All of those people are now at least somewhat awake. They’ve now been picked on by the same enemy. And ya, all right, we’re outgunned. It has a tremendous amount of power but, but, we’ve got all of the people who know how to think. So, I hate to say it, or maybe I like to say it; I don’t think it’s a slam dunk, but I like our odds.”

May I remind you, YOU are part of that Dream Team. YOU!

Here’s the thing: the collective consciousness gathered into community is more powerful than you or I can even imagine. It’s actually exciting to think about the potential of it , isn’t it? Again, the enemy knows how threatening a collectively inspired community is. That is why they will keep trying to isolate. That is why we need to keep raising the bar. Our work is far from over. On the contrary, it will continue to intensify. Do not be fooled into complacency.

Community and communication within our community has never been more important folks. Stick with it, get along, and continue to grow together!

Who knew four years ago that we would find ourselves in these circumstances! But here we are and we must make it through. Let’s not just make it through, but together, TOGETHER, let’s amaze ourselves with our united strength.

You’ve heard the term unintended consequences”. Try this:

"Unexpected Community / Intended Consequences"

Who knew? But hell, watch us! We’ve got what it takes! The cream of the crop has listened to its conscience and continues to amass a collective consciousness and continues to rise higher and higher. Remember, in actuality, when we band together in community, they fear us more than we fear them.

Community is the key.



Rosalie Drysdale


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Disappointed to see MST subscribing the New Age/Masonic notions of “collective consciousness” and anti-Catholic falsehoods.

Respondendo a

I have just re-read this piece with a view to your above comment and I see absolutely no words or ideas presented that would support your remark. The concept of the power of like minded people coming together to initiate change is well documented and this piece is obviously reminding us how powerful this can be.

In my opinion it is written with clarity and with a clear intent to inspire the reader to join others of like mind to accomplish goals that are imperative at this time in history.


27 de jan.
Avaliado com 5 de 5 estrelas.

What a wonderfully written piece 👏

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