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Tuesday December 19, 2023: 6:30 pm (Wpg.) Guest Speaker: Commissioner Ken Drysdale from NCI

In this Blog Post you will find the Agenda and your Zoom Link to Join Us!

Ken Drysdale is a dedicated Candian patriot and one of the driving forces behind the NCI. As Chairman of the Commissioners, he has tirelessly led the NCI Commissioners on a journey across Canada to gather testimony from over 300 witnesses. Now, he's joining us to discuss the groundbreaking NCI Report.

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This Weeks Agenda

  1. Introductions (New Members) (1 min)

    1. Hands Up since you fit in so well, we have trouble knowing!

  2. News From the Week (5 Min)

    1. No MST Tuesday Meeting on December 26, 2023,

    2. No MST Meeting on January 2, 2024

    3. PC Party Consituency Association Meeting AGM January 5 2024 (Fort Richmond)

    4. Update from Chris R on PC Party AGMs

  3. Presentation by Ken Drysdale NCI Final Report (45 min)


    2. Video #1:

    3. Video #2:

    4. What does it all mean

    5. What does it say

    6. Why is it important

    7. What they are currently doing

    8. How you can help

    9. Questions

  4. Upcoming Speakers (1 min)

    1. TBA Upcoming Speakers We are working| Chris Scott Whistle Stop Cafe

  5. Upcoming Events for this Week (3 Min)

    1. Live Events coming Up

      1. Action4Canada Christmas Service December 20, 2023 7 pm Central


  1. Ken Drysdale is speaking on January 11, 2024 in Lloyd Minster to a group of Freedom Fighters

  2. Would like to get a volunteer to monitor and report on the Manitoba Legislature, upcoming bills, shinanigans in the house, could be a regular feature

  3. WE now have a team to help with the Blog. We will be posting Guidlines for Blog Writers

  4. Open Discussion, Ken Calls On You (5)


Please join on time, we start and finish on time.

Usually I am in the chat ten minutes before the start of the meeting!


Bakcgrounder for Guest Speaker


Featured Guest Speakers:

In this captivating session, Ken will dive deep into the 643-page NCI Report, explaining its significance and why it's crucial for all Canadians to read.

He'll shed light on the consequences of not taking action to prevent further harm to our great nation. Ken will also emphasize the difference between justice and retribution, highlighting the importance of recognizing the crimes committed against us and ensuring the guilty face trial, justice, and penalties.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain unique insights into our fight for truth, freedom, and justice in Canada. Ken Drysdale will answer your questions and provide valuable guidance on how we can move forward.

If you're unfamiliar with Ken's work or the NCI, be sure to visit the National Citizens Inquiry website at

Over 28 million Canadians have already visited this essential resource, and the movement is gaining momentum both nationally and internationally.

This event is not just a meeting; it's a call to action, a chance to understand the truth, and an opportunity to stand up for justice in our great nation.

Mark your calendars for December 19th, at 6:30 PM Central Time, and join us for a transformative evening.

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to the cause of freedom.


Manitoba Stronger Together


Information for First Timers!


Unite and Ignite: Join us for our Engaging Tuesday Evening Gathering!

At Manitoba Stronger Together, we deeply value our members' time and commitment to our cause. As a testament to this respect, we have made a dedicated effort to keep our weekly Tuesday evening meetings strictly to 60 minutes.

We understand the importance of balancing civic engagement with other responsibilities in our members' lives. By efficiently utilizing this time, we ensure that each minute spent in the meeting is productive, purposeful, and impactful. Our commitment to maintaining a concise and engaging gathering exemplifies our dedication to empowering our community without imposing unnecessary burdens on our valued members. Together, we maximize the value of each moment, propelling our mission forward and creating a united front for a stronger and prosperous Manitoba.


What You Can Expect at Our Meetings?

1. Warm Welcomes and Introductions:

Our meetings begin with warm smiles and enthusiastic introductions, as new faces join familiar ones. The spirit of camaraderie and shared purpose fills the air, reminding us of the power of coming together as one.

2. Update on Progress:

The leadership team shares the latest developments within our organization. We are elated to report significant growth in our membership numbers, reaffirming our belief in the importance of responsible governance and community empowerment.

3. A Dynamic Guest Speaker:

Each evening we welcome a special guest speaker who speaks to our membership about topics that are of special interest. Their expertise sheds light on critical issues affecting our province, urging us to keep striving for a better tomorrow.

Do you know someone who would be a great guest speaker? Email us with the name and contact information.

4. Open Dialogue and Discussion:

One of the highlights of the evening is the lively and engaging discussion that follows the guest presentation. Members actively share their insights, opinions, and ideas on pressing subjects that demand our attention. Through respectful dialogue, we reinforce the importance of transparent communication and active civic participation. Remember our 60 minute Deadline! If you cannot speak this week, there is always next, and you can contact us by email through the website.

5. Building Solidarity:

Throughout these meetings, the sense of solidarity is encouraged, fuelling our commitment to fostering a united Manitoba. We discovered that, like the bison herds that once roamed freely, our collective strength lies in standing together, unyielding in the face of challenges.

6. Embracing the Road Ahead:

With each meeting you will feel your spirit soar with the knowledge that we are on the right path. Together, we are building a movement that empowers citizens and redefines the political landscape. The journey may be challenging, but we stand unwavering, ready to create a brighter future for our beloved province.

Join Us Next Tuesday, and every Tuesday:

We extend a heartfelt invitation to all citizens who share our vision of responsible governance, community empowerment, and unity. Our Tuesday regular meetings are more than just gatherings; they are catalysts for positive change.


Exciting news at Manitoba Stronger Together!

We have recently added a dynamic "Schedule of Events" section on our homepage (bottom of page), where you can conveniently review and stay updated on our upcoming guest speakers and other important gatherings. This schedule serves as your go-to resource for planning your engagement with our community.

While we are diligently working on optimizing the schedule for mobile devices, we encourage you to view it on a desktop or tablet for the best experience.

Together, we look forward to exploring a multitude of impactful events that unite us in our mission for responsible governance and community empowerment. Mark your calendars, and let's embark on this journey together!

We can also use this schedule to update members on upcoming events that our membership may be participating in.


What Our Logo Means

The logo for Manitoba Stronger Together incorporates elements that symbolize unity, community, and the strength of the bison.

  1. Bison Icon: Is a silhouette of a stylized representation of a bison, symbolizing strength, resilience, and unity. The bison is depicted in a side stance, representing progress and moving together as a community.

  2. The vertical stripes: represent that the movement includes all people from all walks of life, all beliefs and all political affiliations.

  3. The Horizontal Connecting Lines: across the bison represent the connections and interdependence of community members, emphasizing the concept of being stronger together.

  4. Blue Tones: The blue in the logo design represents growth, harmony, and the natural beauty of Manitoba's landscapes.

  5. Dynamic Font: We choose a strong and modern bold font for the organization's name "Manitoba Stronger Together" to convey a sense of confidence and forward-thinking.


Let us continue to unite, ignite our passions, and work towards building a stronger and united Manitoba. Together, we will shape the future we want and deserve.

Keep an eye out for our next meeting announcement, and let us walk this transformative journey as one!

Stay united, stay empowered, and stay strong!

In solidarity,

The Manitoba Stronger Together Team

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