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Uncovering Alleged Election Irregularities: Ken Lee's Explosive Revelations

Prepare to be shocked and enlightened as Manitoba Stronger Together welcomed Mr. Ken Lee, a long-time Progressive Conservative with a passion for democracy and a dedication to upholding its principles. On January 23, 2024, Mr. Lee joined us in a gripping and revealing discussion that will leave you questioning the integrity of the October 3, 2023, General Election in Manitoba.

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Buckle up for a rollercoaster ride through a series of astonishing allegations that will make your jaw drop.

Mr. Ken Lee delves deep into potential fraud and wrongdoing by Elections Manitoba, shedding light on a multitude of concerns that paint a disturbing picture of our electoral process.

Among the explosive revelations, Ken Lee will discuss:

Electronic Voting Scandals: Were our votes truly counted as they should have been, or did technical glitches compromise the integrity of the election?

Barring of Scrutineers: Why were scrutineers barred from ensuring the election was conducted fairly? What did Elections Manitoba have to hide?

Miscounts and Errors: Shocking miscounts and errors that raise questions about the accuracy of the election results.

Elections Manitoba Website Failures: Discover the alarming breakdowns in Elections Manitoba's online systems that should have safeguarded our democracy.

Staffing Issues at Elections Manitoba: Were there staffing problems that affected the election's outcome?

Revisions to Election Legislation: Learn about changes to elections legislation and how they may have impacted the election's fairness.

Historical Perspectives: Gain insight into historical precedents that cast a shadow over recent events.

This captivating discussion is more than a mere exposé; it's a call to action.

Ken Lee's unwavering commitment to transparency and accountability will inspire you to question, probe, and demand answers from those responsible for ensuring our democratic processes remain unblemished.

 If you joined us on January 23, 2024, you would have witnessed how we  unravelled the shocking revelations and how we examine the evidence that could forever change the way you view our electoral system. This is a conversation you must hear and share, and one that will empower you to be an advocate for a more transparent, accountable, and just democracy.

Stay tuned for more exciting presentations and future video releases that will leave you with a burning desire to safeguard the democratic values we hold dear.


Additional Comments

MST have been following up:

The Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba on January 13, 2024 held a meeting of the membership and adopted electronic voting for making decisions within their own party, despite the known issues with these systems!


MST contacted the leader of the Green Party in Manitoba to discuss the incredible election results where the Green Party's support in Manitoba dropped an incredible 880% when compared to the 2019 Manitoba Election. So far after a phone message and an email, no response. In 2019 the Green Party received 30,243 votes, in 2023 the Green Party received only 3,440 votes, you would think they may want to question these results?


We will be continuing to pursue our questions and if you have any insider information to share with us please contact MST at:


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