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Remember: Live Event: Sept 5, 2023 : Selkirk MB : No Zoom This Week


We want to make sure you're all in the loop and aware that there will be no Zoom Call this coming Tuesday, September 5, 2023. The reason is an exciting one – we'll be gathering in person for a Live Rally at Selkirk Park Picnic Area #1 in Selkirk, Manitoba.

This is a fantastic opportunity to meet new faces, engage with our community, and delve deeper into what Manitoba Stronger Together is all about. Our Live Rally promises to be a vibrant event filled with informative discussions, inspiring conversations, and a chance to connect with fellow Manitobans who share your passion for positive change.

So, mark your calendars and make your way to Selkirk Park Picnic Area #1 on the designated date. It's a great chance to experience firsthand the energy and spirit of our movement. Let's unite, celebrate our shared values, and pave the way towards a stronger and more united Manitoba.

Live Event Agenda

Awakening Democracy Tour


  • Meet & Greet

  • Oh Canada! Rosalie Drysdale

  • Welcome Message, Rosalie Drysdale

  • Introduction of Barbara Bendera by Rosalie Drysdale


  • Introduction of Chris Riddell by Rosalie Drysdale

  • Speaker #2: Chris Riddell: "WHAT IS MST All ABOUT"

  • Introduction of Ken Drysdale by Barbara Bendera

  • Speaker #3: Ken Drysdale "DO YOU REMEMBER, THE SHELL GAME AND WHY NOT"

  • Invitation to Join MST: Ken Drysdale

  • Song "The Road Ahead": Rosalie Drysdale

  • Wrap Up and Social time: Ken Drysdale


Date: Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Time: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Location: Selkirk Park NEW LOCATION

Meet Picnic Area #1

Bring Your own Chairs

486 Eveline St, Selkirk, MB R1A 1E6



Date: Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Time: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Location: Bethel Heritage Park

Meet by the Main Stage

Bring Your own Chairs

6th Street, Winkler Manitoba R6W 1J1


Date: Friday, September 8, 2023

Time: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Location: Dinsdale Park, Covered Gazebo , Bring Your own Chairs

321 Assiniboine Ave, Brandon, MB R7A 0G2


Date: Saturday, September 9, 2023

Time: 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Location: Dauphin Friendship Centre

210 1 Ave NE, Dauphin, MB R7N 1A7

Swan River

Date: Sunday, September 10, 2023

Time: 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Location: Veteran's Hall (Legion Room) (access on East Side)

119 6 Ave N, Swan River, MB R0L 1Z0


Information for First Timers!


Join Us at the Awakening Democracy Tour Live Event – Here's What to Expect!

Are you ready to be part of a movement that's all about empowering Manitobans and shaping a brighter future for our province? If so, then the upcoming Awakening Democracy Tour Live Event is an absolute must-attend for you! We're excited to give you a sneak peek into what you can expect at this inspiring and informative gathering.

1. Engaging Speakers: Get ready to be enlightened by passionate speakers who are deeply invested in the future of Manitoba. From insightful discussions about our policy statements to thought-provoking insights into key issues, our speakers are here to provide you with valuable perspectives.

3. Community Building: Connect with fellow Manitobans who share your passion for positive change. Our live events are an excellent opportunity to network, build connections, and find like-minded individuals who are committed to making a difference.

4. Q&A Sessions: Have burning questions or thoughts to share? Our Q&A sessions allow you to engage directly with our speakers and fellow attendees, fostering open and meaningful discussions.

5. Live Music and Entertainment: Enjoy a vibrant atmosphere with live music and entertainment that adds a festive spirit to the event. It's a chance to unwind, have fun, and celebrate our united vision for a stronger Manitoba.

6. Collaboration and Action: We believe in the power of collective action. At the event, you'll learn about how you can get actively involved in the Manitoba Stronger Together movement, contributing your skills, ideas, and energy to create meaningful change.

7. Inspiring Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in an atmosphere filled with positivity, hope, and a shared sense of purpose. This event is all about fostering an environment that ignites your passion for a stronger Manitoba.

Whether you're a long-time member or someone curious to learn more about Manitoba Stronger Together, the Awakening Democracy Tour Live Event is designed to provide an enriching and empowering experience. Join us to be part of a movement that's dedicated to building a brighter future for all Manitobans.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Save the date and join us at the Awakening Democracy Tour Live Event – together, we're creating a stronger and more united Manitoba.


Exciting news at Manitoba Stronger Together!

We have recently added a dynamic "Schedule of Events" section on our homepage (bottom of page), where you can conveniently review and stay updated on our upcoming guest speakers and other important gatherings. This schedule serves as your go-to resource for planning your engagement with our community.

While we are diligently working on optimizing the schedule for mobile devices, we encourage you to view it on a desktop or tablet for the best experience.

Together, we look forward to exploring a multitude of impactful events that unite us in our mission for responsible governance and community empowerment. Mark your calendars, and let's embark on this journey together!

We can also use this schedule to update members on upcoming events that our membership may be participating in.


What Our Logo Means

The logo for Manitoba Stronger Together incorporates elements that symbolize unity, community, and the strength of the bison.

  1. Bison Icon: Is a silhouette of a stylized representation of a bison, symbolizing strength, resilience, and unity. The bison is depicted in a side stance, representing progress and moving together as a community.

  2. The vertical stripes: represent that the movement includes all people from all walks of life, all beliefs and all political affiliations.

  3. The Horizontal Connecting Lines: across the bison represent the connections and interdependence of community members, emphasizing the concept of being stronger together.

  4. Blue Tones: The blue in the logo design represents growth, harmony, and the natural beauty of Manitoba's landscapes.

  5. Dynamic Font: We choose a strong and modern bold font for the organization's name "Manitoba Stronger Together" to convey a sense of confidence and forward-thinking.


Let us continue to unite, ignite our passions, and work towards building a stronger and united Manitoba. Together, we will shape the future we want and deserve.

Keep an eye out for our next meeting announcement, and let us walk this transformative journey as one!

Stay united, stay empowered, and stay strong!

In solidarity,

The Manitoba Stronger Together Team

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